Paladin 8/ Blackguard 2 Female Human


Alignment: LE
Size: Medium
Age: 27
Height: 5’3"
Weight: lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

STR 18/4
DEX 10/0
CON 18/4
INT 16/3
WIS 10/0
CHA 18/4

HP: 89
AC: 24=10+14

FORT: 16=8+4+4
REFL: 6=2+0+4
WILL: 6=2+0+4

BAB: 10/5
GRAPPLE: 14=10+4

SKILL 13/6.5
Escape Artist(DEX)
Gather Information(CHA)
Handle Animal(CHA)
Knowledge Religion(INT)16
Move Silently(DEX)
Sense Motive(WIS)
Use Rope(DEX)

ATTACK |Greatsword 2 | 14/9 | 2d66 | 19-20×2 | Bane Gnome, Bane Dwarf |
ATTACK | Lance 2 | 13/8 | 1d106 | 20×2 | Bane humans, Bane elf |

Armor +4 | +13AC | -2 check | 25lbs

Weapon Focus
Mounted Combat
Ride by Attack
Great Cleave

Aura of Evil
Detect Good
Smite good 3/day
Lay on hands(40hp)
Sneak Attack 1d6

lvl 1:
Cure light wound

Bed roll
Winter Blanket
Chalk 10
Flint and Steel
Grappling Hook
50 ft Rope
1 wk Food
1 wk Water
Glass x2
Door wedges x2
Ink Pen
Belt Pouch
Sealing Wax
Signet Ring
Torches x3

Total: 62lbs

Light: 100, Med: 200, Heavy: 300, LOH: 300, LOG: 600, Push: 1500

Money: 1010gp


My Turn From Light
My name is Lilith of the Morning Light House. I am the second child of four. My brother, Jeremiah, is the elder, and the young twins are named Robert and Amy. My mother was a fine lady from a high ranking house; my father would always say that she is his star and he was the tree. I asked one day what it meant. My father said the tree is a part of the land and can never reach the stars no matter how hard it tries but it still tries. The stars may shine down on the tree, but the star is not a part of the land. I didn’t get what my father was trying to say to me that day, but I could feel the love that they shared.
My mother is dead now. She died bring the twins into the world. My father, being taken over by grief, was unable to rule. My brother Jeremy saw to the needs of our people. At that time I was in training to be a Holy Defender. My order forbids me from marrying and to have children. I don’t know if it was the fact that I would never have to explain to my husband why I wasn’t a maiden, or the fact that I looked so much like my mother.
It was pitch black in my room the first time he came to me. The sky was covered in a cloud so thick that the stars could not shine through and there wasn’t a moon out. The light from the door and the sound of it opening woke me at once. The look on my father’s face had been hollow and dead. Concerned I sat up in bed to see what was wrong. I asked if he was ok. He did not speak to me. He ripped my night clothes off leaving me naked in front of him. It was cold that night and I shivered – from what I can’t say. I do know that my nipples got hard because of the cold. He grabbed my breast taking my nipple in his mouth, he sucked like he was getting nourishment and he hadn’t eaten in days. I could have fought him off. I could have made him stop, but I wanted my father back to the way he used to be. I would have done anything to make my father well again. He pushed me to the bed. I fell across it. With my head off the one side, I watched as he came to the other to stand by my head. He removed his clothes, fancily throwing them to the floor without a care where they landed. My father’s manhood was hard and throbbing. Without a word he grabbed the back of my neck pushing it in to my mouth. He thrashed his member, making me gag, which did nothing to detour him. I was crying quietly, the tears running down my face and into my mouth mixing with my saliva. A deep grunting sound came from my father and my mouth was full of his seed. He stayed where he was with his hands on the back of my head and his manhood in my mouth. I had no other choice but to swallow his juices. I hoped that it was over and that he would leave, but my hopes were not to be. Falling out of my mouth I saw that he was still hard. My father walked back to the other side of the bed, rolled me on to my stomach, and lifted my ass up so I was on my knees. My father forced his way into me. A sharp pain shot through me. This time I could not stop the sounds of my sorrow; I let them fall out of me. I prayed that I would go numb so I could distance myself from the pain. The pain didn’t stop and neither did he. With a final thrust and with a deep grunt he came. I could not feel it because of the pain that cursed through me. He removed me from the bed and put me in my bath tub. He removed the covers from the bed and left me to drip seed and blood from my gash.
My father made a recovery the next morning. The staff and my siblings were as happy as could be. I played my part – dutiful daughter so happy to see her father well again. My father visited my quarters frequently for the next three years. I performed my duties to father and to my order. I had one year left of my training when I saw my father at dinner looking at my sister Amy the way he looks at me when he takes what he needs. That night he came to me. This time I was waiting behind the door with a knife. With the blade at his neck I swore that if he touched Amy like he did me I would take his life like he took my maiden head. That year I tried to please him more. I even went in secret to the finest brothel in our land to learn all the ways to please a man. I stayed a month as a working girl, using a wig and a false name, Passion. The madam of the house tried to get me to stay, if I had been Passion, and not Lilith of the Morning Light, I would have.
One more year of training and another year of my father’s visits to my room remain. My Brother got married that year to a fine young lady of a house of equal standing as ours. Her name was Emily of the Crystal Falls. I finished my training with the order. I was excited and soon after I got my first mission. My brother, Robert, started his first studies at the Mages Tower, and my sister, Amy, started her first year at Mister Pim’s School for Fine Ladies.
I got a mission years later that took me and five others of my order to a small village to the south. At first the village looked empty. Commander O’Neal told us to check the house; my orders were to stay by his side. It was not until my friends were in the house that the trap was sprung. The families of each house attacked and killed them. O’Neal and I fought back but we were losing ground. They pushed us back to the church. We got the doors closed and then silence from the other side is all we heard. We turned to see an altar of naked bodies, babies, and the elderly. The women were on their backs, the babies between their legs, and the men on their knees reaching for the babies as if it was a mockery of the gift of life. We desired to try to find a way out beside the front door. O’Neal and I walked down the center aisle. When we reached the altar, Belial, Demon of Lies, appeared to us. Without allowing Belial to talk we attacked as one we smite evil. But with only two of us, we were no match for the demon. Belial threw me into the benches. I was getting to my feet when I saw Belial reach right through O’Neal’s armor and into his chest. O’Neal stopped moving. With one powerful yank, I heard a snap, and the demon pulled O’Neal back from his lifeless body. I knew at that moment that I was lost. I waited for the death strike, but it never came.
Belial stood over me, laughing; he called me his child, his servant. I told him that I am a defender of the light, but he said that my life is full of darkness. Belial showed me my mother dying, bleed to death. He showed me my father raping me for the first time. Then he showed me my father again, at first I thought it was me again, but it was Amy. A rage took me over; I could only feel the need to kill my father. I told Belial that. “I warned him. I did everything that I could to keep him away from her. Why!? Why!?” He said to me, “I can help you kill him, I can give you the power, and all you have to do is accept me as your new father.” “Yes! I will. You are my father now I will give you all of me.”
I saw him change into a man, he was tall and handsome. His body was muscular with all the right parts, the only thing that marked him, that showed him for what he was, was his horns. He picked me up, and moved me to the altar. I was surprised when he kissed me; my demon father had just given me my first kiss. My old father did everything and anything he wanted to me. When I was a working girl, I got to set my own rules, and I didn’t kiss the men I was with. Belial’s kiss was strong and hungry, my mouth opened to him allowing his tongue in to me. He helped me remove my armor and clothes, at the same time kissing me where the skin became bare. He took his time, exploring all of me – my face, my breasts, and my lips. Belial’s head moved between my thighs, his tongue finding my spot, flicking, lapping, and teasing me. I came loud and strong. My back arched pushing my lips into his mouth even more. When I could move once more, I dropped to my knees. I stroked him between my breasts, I found a rhythm, and took him in my mouth. The taste of him was sweet, and salty, I used all my skills. He held himself back, not forcing anything, allowing me to do it. Taking my nails and dragging them down his defined stomach drawing just the smallest amount of blood. He mounded my name to the church’s rafters filling the room with it. Belial raised me up to my legs, and then slid his hands down my back. He grabbed my ass. He used his massive arms to lift me up so that I was above his middle. I guided his manhood in to me moving him past my lips. Slowly he lowered me, so that he could enter me. It was a perfect fit, like he changed his to fit me. I saw his muscles tighten, just slightly like he could hold me for days and not tire. I grabbed his arms, and wrapped my legs around him. He moved me, and at once the pleasure was all I could think of, I was lost in it. I came fast, amazed at the time it took me to reach climax. Turning around and placing me on the altar, with my legs still around him. He placed his hands on my waist, so that I wouldn’t move, so he could thrust in to me better. I soon came again, and this time so did he. At once I could feel my body and soul change, Belial’s power exploded into me. My body pulsed as all I was, and all I could be, twisted to what he wanted me to be.
When I was capable of thought once more, I found that we had just made love with corpses all around us. The act may have bothered me at one time, but now I felt nothing. Belial looked at me and smiled; he told me how to kill my father, and gave me a vial of Paralytic poison. He placed a ring on my finger, saying that it would hide what I had become. I asked “what do I tell everyone what happened here?” He said “Tell them that you fought me and won the fight, I will release my hold on the villagers. Tell them a story that will make you a hero. They will call you Lilith the Demon Slayer.” I kissed my new master, father, and lover one more time, and ran for the door


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