Randolph Chapman

6 Cleric / 5 Master of Shrouds


- Str: 14 / +2
- Dex: 12 / +1
- Con: 14 / +2
- Int: 12 / +1
- Wis: 20 / +5
- Cha: 14 / +2

HP: 71
AC: 22
- T: 11
- FF: 21

- Fort: +8
- Ref: +4
- Will: +14

Initiative: +1

BAB: +7 / +2
- Grapple: +9
- Longsword: +10 / +5

Special Abilities:
- Rebuke Undead (Extra Rebuking): 9 / day; + 4
- Summon Undead 5 / day; Shadow x2, Wraith x1
- Improved Summoning

Skills: (* denotes trained)
- Appraise: +1
- Balance: -5
- Bluff: +2
- Climb: -4
- Concentration*: +11
- Craft: +1
- Diplomacy*: +10
- Disguise: +2
- Escape Artist: -5
- Forgery: +1
- Gather Information: +2
- Heal*: +10
- Hide*: -5
- Intimidate: +2
- Jump: -4
- Knowledge Arcana*: +4
- Knowledge Religion*: +8
- Knowledge History*: +5
- Knowledge The Planes*: +5
- Listen: +5
- Move Silently: -5
- Profession Soulkeeper*: +11
- Ride: +1
- Search: +1
- Sense Motive: +5
- Spellcraft*: +11
- Spot: +5
- Survival: +5
- Swim: -10
- Use Rope: +1

- Inquisition
- War


Randolph Chapman, from the Realm of the Nine Lakes
36 yr. old human male, 5’ 8’’, 170 lbs., shoulder length black hair, pale blue eyes
Lawful Neutral Cleric of Heironeous; member of the Order of the Shining Fist

Notable Items:
- Divide et Impera: Longsword of Ghost Touch ( +1); Bane of Undead ( +1)
- Specter’s Veil: Full Plate of Ghost Touch ( +3)
- Defiance: Heavy Steel Shield of Reflecting ( +5), 1 / day

Randolph Chapman was born into a family of prestigious and devout worshipers of Heironeous. He was raised on the foundation of honor and justice above all, taught to show respect equally towards everyone, regardless of status or personality, unless justice demanded otherwise.

He studied religion under his father until the age of 17, when he then committed himself to the church, as was expected of him. There, he performed menial tasks, such as apprehending petty criminals and protecting the local burial grounds from the necromancers in the region. This, combined with 4 years of hard study, got him into a special sect of the church known as the Order of the Shining Fist. This order was devoted to protecting the souls of the dead. However, despite their vigilance, they were unable to defend all of the crypts from the growing numbers of a local cult, the Cult of the Consumer.. And, while it was legal to raise and conduct experiments on those who offered their bodies and souls to mages with permits to study necromancy, the abduction of bodies of unwilling souls was seen as an atrocity, as the soul of a raised body, however peaceful their rest may have been, are forevermore damned afterwards, lost, and sometimes, vengeful. This bothered Randolph, so he brought the question to his mentor, Father Thomas;

“Father, is there nothing we can do for the souls we fail to protect, or even those wrongfully damned, that were killed unjustly?” to which Father Thomas replied,

“We exist solely in the realm of the living, so that is all we have domain over. Unfortunately, my son, they are beyond our domain, and therefor beyond our aid.”

“I understand, Father,” was his response. While yes, he did understand, he was unsatisfied with the answer he was given, and devoted himself to finding a way to enact justice for those lost souls and help them find peace. He looked through every book he could find that may remotely cover the subject, making it a personal mission to bring justice beyond the normal scope of the church to those who would cause harm to innocent souls. This was ineffective in granting then rest, however, and the books led him to see that there were, in fact, no ways approved by the church to grant the lost souls peace. He was unable to accept this, delving deeper into his research and putting himself more into his duties than ever before.

In doing so, he worked his way to his initiation into the Order in only 3 years. At his initiation, like all those before him, he received the Divide et Impera, the weapon that marked him as an official member. He quickly rose up the ranks with his persistence and devotion to protecting the souls he could, and repenting for his failures at each lost. The Order’s dealings with the Cult of the Consumer were becoming increasingly more frequent, and violent. They finally came to a head, and a fierce battle ensued. At the moderate age of 27, Randolph played a rather important roll in the conflict, defeating one of the prominent leaders in the cult with the aid of only one other, and a former cultist at that. The cultist in question, Nicolai Domanero, was subsequently captured by the rest of the Order, whom did not know what had transpired. Randolph knew that the demand for justice for Nicolai’s past transgressions cold not be impeded, he was able to convince the heads of the order to spare his life after explaining what had happened, under the pretense that Nicolai repent for his sins and swear his life to the church henceforth. Nicolai went on to explain his decision, stating that the more he witnessed what happened to the souls as their former bodies were defiled, the less he agreed with the cult, who either could not see, or did not care, about the souls they damned to achieve their goals. This caught the attention of Randolph, and after the trial, he approached Nicolai,

“How were you able to sense the pain of the souls before they were fully corrupted?”

“Because of what I do, or rather, did. I specialized in raising the spirits of the dead, rather than their bodies… It made me more attuned to them, their emotions… I felt their anger, their sadness… Their fear… The more they desecrated, the more I felt, the more I knew what we were doing was wrong on a level our leaders didn’t even understand. I knew it had to end…”

There was a long pause, then Randolph asked, “The spirits you summoned, they still felt? They could still act of their own volition?”

“Most of those that do what i do -er, did, treated them as minions, as puppets. But… Yes, I suppose if one were to give them enough freedom, its possible they could act on their own. But, why? Most specters were corrupted in life; murderers and criminals, people who deserve to be damned. Why would anyone want them to have free will?”

“But if you were able to call just those who were wrongfully damned, they would be able to seek justice?” Randolph seemed enthusiastic, while retaining his serious composure. Nicolai had to take a moment to collect himself before responding.

“I have never tried to, it may be possible… But damned spirits, whether unjustly or otherwise, are all pure, raw emotion. Some, consumed by their anger, would rather seek vengeance than justice. You would have to be careful not to set them loose…”
Randolph sat back to think before whispering, “Then teach me.”

After repenting for his sins against humanity and those souls now lost to the darkness and swearing his life to the church, Nicolai was left in the charge of Randolph, who was to train him in their ways. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Order, he was as much a student as he was a teacher. They taught each other their ways, and used their combined knowledge to work on summoning those whose souls were lost due to the will of others, those whose lives were ended abruptly and dishonorably, those whose bodies had been defiled after their death, those who still demanded justice. After 5 years, once they were sure they had it right, they brought their new knowledge to the heads of the Order. Most saw it as blasphemy, but there were those who could see the noble intentions in what they were trying to do, even if their methods were questionable. In the end, they were granted a chance to prove their methods Thew were given a special assignment, sent to where it was rumored that the remnants of the Cult of the Consumer had fled to after their defeat 5 years prior. There had been reports of necromancers in the area, so they were to dispatched to make sure the cult was shut down for good. If they managed to do so, and were able to redeem some lost souls in the process, their methods would be deemed “acceptable.” Upon arrival, however, they found the cult had not only resurfaced, but grown much larger than they had anticipated. Through a tiring battle, together they were able to use what they taught each other to fight their way to the leader, who turned out to be the one they had already defeated, now undead. Upon realizing this, their foe activated the curse he had placed as a fail-safe on all of his subjects, killing Nicolai instantly and raising his corpse. With new-found resolve, Randolph was remarkably able to summon Nicolai’s spirit specifically, and they, together, and once again, were able to defeat the leader, thus ending the Cult of the Consumer for good.

On his return to the Order, Randolph informed them of what had happened and of Niolai’s fate, both initial and corrected. He was awarded the special title of “Soulkeeper” and presented with the Specter’s Veil as a symbol of his new position. He was still a respected part of the Order, but looked at with disdain and treated as an outcast outside of formal proceedings. He therefore spent much of his time alone, performing more special operations for the Order that would utilize his unique skill set. He knew he must keep working for the good of lost spirits, lest the evil power he wielded consume him.

He was recently approached to represent the Order at a summit to select the new King of the Twelve Realms. This confused him as to why he was chosen due to his unorthodox and almost shunned practices of serving the order, but upon asking was told simply, “You embody the best and worst of us, it is only fitting that it should be you to represent us.” Honor-bound to accept, the heads of the Order bestowed upon him Defiance, a legendary shield, as a symbol to mark him as their envoy, and sent him on his way to Grindleheim.

~ It is the duty of all to live with honor, so that we may one day die with valor. Some are robbed of this opportunity, their thieves forsaking their own. It is these lost souls I call to. Spirits of the wrongfully damned, I pray thee, come forth! Come forth with me, and seek your justice! ~

Randolph Chapman

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