Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Political World of Erinsol. Prepare for intrigue and betrayal as you explore the different lands and states of 12 kingdoms.

The King is Dead, and your actions will decide who will claim the throne and if civil war will break out once again across the lands.

So come Join me, and let this game of chess begin.

Hey Everyone, As of last week we have completely moved to the online forum and role20 as you well know. I hope that this week we will be able to start at 8 pm and play until whenever. If anyone has any issue with this schedule please let me know so that I may plan this out better. I should have the rest of the magic section of the wiki done by Friday, so please check in every day or so to catch up as our game develops even further. This week on role20, I also plan to create the two maps for the dungeons that you might be delving into shortly. If you guys would like me to create maps for Candle Keep or the Great Basilica please let me know, I might do a map of the city as well, but it would be a miniature map were your tokens would represent were you and your entourage are currently located. Please let me know what you think and want in order for me to make this as easy and enjoyable for you as possible.