Sir Sirrell the Just

Level 5 Duskblade/Level 5 Annointed Knight Human


Alignment: NG
Deity: Heironeous
Size: Medium
Age: 28
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 190
Eyes: Grn
Hair: Brown
Skin: Light

STR 10/0
DEX 18/4
CON 13/1
INT 15/2
WIS 12/1
CHA 16/3

HP: 73
AC: 20=10+3+4(DEX)+3(DR Class)

FORT: 9=8+1
REFL: 6=2+4
WILL: 11=8+3

BAB: 10/5

Appraise(INT): 0
Balance(DEX): 0
Bluff(CHA): 0
Climb(STR): 7
Concentration(CON): 6
Craft(INT)Alchemy: 7
Decipher Script(INT): 0
Diplomacy(CHA): 0
Disable Device(DEX): 0
Disguise(CHA): 0
Escape Artist(DEX): 0
Forgery(INT): 0
Gather Information(CHA):
Heal(WIS): 0
Hide(DEX): 0
Intimidate(CHA): 0
Jump(STR): 0
Knowledge(Int) Arcana: 7
Knowledge(Int) History: 7
Knowledge(Int) Planes: 5
Listen(WIS): 0
Move Silently(DEX): 0
Open Lock(DEX): 0
Ride(DEX): 6
Search(WIS): 0
Sense Motive(WIS): 9
Sleight of hand(DEX): 0
Spellcraft: 7
Spot(WIS): 0
Swim(STR): 10
Use Magic Device(CHA): 0
Use Rope(DEX): 0

ATTACK |Long Blade Bow of Speed & Shock | +16/11 | 1d8 + 2 | x3| P |Speed & Shock | Annointed x2 |Unicorn blood (1d3 str + 1d4 str) | Shock 1d6|
ATTACK | Blade (of bow) | +12/7 | 1d10 + 2 | ×2 |S|Unicorn blood (1d3 str + 1d4 str) | Shock 1d6 |

Studded Leather of Glamered| AC 3 |Max DEX 5 | -1 Pen |
| Spell -15% | Speed 30 | Weight 20 |Command word Zarc|

Ancestial Relic
Exotic Weapon Prof
Rapid Shot
Point Blank
Weapon focus Bladebow

Armoured Mage (Med)
Arcane Channeling
Combat Casting

Annoited Self
Unbroken flesh (3DR)
Divine Clarity
Annoited Weapon
Good Weapon (1d6/Round)
Unicorn’s Blood (DC 17)

Oil Supplies x 5 (100g)
Nobel’s Clothes
Flint & Steel
Rations x7
Health Potions x5

Total: 32lbs

Light: 33, Med: 66, Heavy: 100, LOH: 100, LOG: 200, Push: 500.

Money: 10000G


As a young boy Sirrell was always helping out around the manor. He would also always love going with his parents to see the knights and his father use the family blade bow in archery festivals. He has only heard of a few stories about the bow, one of which his great great grandfather had used it in order to fend off many ogres from the northern keep and was seen as the best archer on the lands. His father was never really into archery but when he did you could tell it was in his blood. Sirrell always loved watching everything at the festival but the one thing that caught his eye were the mages.

Sirrell the blade
Ever since the magi had came to the festivals more and more people appeared in the area. Magic in this area was very scarce, the only school that had magic were the dusk blades in the mountains. When he had turned 16 he asked his father if he could go to train to be a dusk blade. His father, being heavily religious told him there is no reason to fight so long as Heironeous is there to guide us. His father even brought him into the church the next day to attempt to bring him into the light of Heironeous. Not liking his fathers wishes he left at midnight ready to become a dusk blade.
Upon arriving at school in the mountains Serrill came upon a man sitting just outside the doors. He walked up to him ready to wield the sword he had “borrowed” from his family’s manor and asked why he was sitting outside. The man looked up in a stutter as if he didn’t see Serrill walking up and hastily said, “I have been fasting 3 days with my mothers sword. After this is done I plan to join the dust blades.” Knowing he was no longer a threat as he could see the vast amounts of oils and papers Serrill simply sat and watched the man perform his ritual.
A day had went by and no one entered or left the school. Serrill and Godric, as the man had mentioned to him earlier, become good friends. Godric showed Serrill the oils he used and how to make them and then his mothers sword, now glowing slightly brighter. His fast was over and he immediately pressed himself into his bag and began eating the food he had prepared. “Shouldn’t be long now. They normally check for people every other day.” At that moment the doors began to creak open and a cloaked figure came out. “Ah new applicant? Godric I see you are ready then? Good, well come now both of you its going to rain soon.” Turning to head inside he went as the clouds slowly drifted into the darkness. Sirrell followed his friend Godric in ready to become a dusk blade.

Hard times
A few years had past and Sirrell was becoming a very successful dusk blade in the school. He and Godric we the best of friends and sparred together all the time. Godric always seemed to beat him with his mothers sword and every couple months he would fast 3 more days. Always stronger they both became. The time had finally come, Godric and Serrill were graduating the school of dusk blades. After the graduation Godric and Serrill left the school for the first time. Looking back at it they both smiled ready to take on what they could. Godric hoisted his mother’s sword on his shoulder and asked Serrill to join him. Serrill wanted to join him but knew his parents would be worrying and said he couldn’t. A sigh of sadness came over Godric as he accepted the decline. “Well hopefully we cross paths again. Just look for the crow on my shoulder.” Godric pointed the the ruby crow embroidered on his shoulders turned away and began walking into the distance. Serrill knew they would meet again eventually and he would never forget his friend.
Serrill began to run home ready to face his father as a man, and as a duskblade. He came up the manor entrance and everything seemed the same as he left, however something seemed wrong. He looked up to his fathers room saw the window open and his light wasn’t on from his altar. Serrill ran to the door busted it open and began searching for his father and mother. As he climbed the stairs he saw the red liquid he feared to see running down the stairs. He slowed to a quiet walk as he heard the clanging of blades and the shriek of lightning. As he reached the top of the stairs he saw his mother face down in a pool of her own blood, trying not to look he continued to his fathers room. He heard a yell and a thud, then faintly he heard, “Heironeous will bring you and your order down… You will see justice…” Serrill couldn’t hear anymore he leaped into action and busted down the door. Just as he got in he saw his father laying on the floor trying to knock the bow which had his assailant’s blood on it and at the window he saw a hooded man who then turned to him. He was wearing a silver cloak, with a gash on the backside where a blade would have sliced, on a red robe with his face with a red hand painted on it. Noticing Serrill he simply snickered as he jumped from the building and ran off into the close by woods.
Running to his fathers side he asked what had happened? And his father could say nothing but it was all his fault… His father could only blame himself saying he was a bad at preaching Heironeous and that this was his justice. Just as Serrill was about to leave to get help his father drew him closer and said, “Here, it’s time this became yours… I wasn’t good enough to wield it but I know you will bring justice with it. Do it for me and your mother… Do it for Heironeous.” And he passed the family bow to him and slowly drifted off. Serrilll sat there, tears filling his eyes. Then thinking of Godric and what he had shown him he began to work.

Sir Serrill the Just
Serrill had made a choice. He had made the oils that his friend had shown him fasted for many days and then while rubbing himself and his bow with the oils he arose with a new found purpose. He cleaned what he could and buried his parents. He sent out to find out more of this “red hand assassin” he found a leather worker using magic. He walked up to him and asked if he had any leather armor he could sell Serrill the use as a disguise. Shocked the man said, “I dont have any instant disguises. All I have is this leather armor which disguises itself as regular clothes.” Settling with the armor knowing it might bring on some trickery if someone tried to ambush him he received the the command word from the man. “Before you Sir knight but why would you need leathers?” Hesitant about hearing knight he simply said he requires to be more mobile than normal. Walking off he thought about it and finally accepted his new self anointed name. Sir Serrill the Just. Later that night he began his next ritual for the bow and himself. Looking at the armor he decided to follow his Fathers wishes, putting the holy symbol of Heironeous on it. As he was about to leave he got word of the king dying. Being the self anoited knight of justice and hoping these are the same assassin’s he left, bearing his family’s noble crest hoping to bring justice to those who deserve it.

Sir Sirrell the Just

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