Tienus Revok

Fighter 4/ Cleric 1/ Fleshwarper 5 Male Human


Alignment: CG
Deity: None
Size: Med
Age: 45
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 180lbs
Eyes: White
Hair: Brown-Black
Skin: Pale

STR: 18/4
DEX: 15/2
CON: 9/-1
INT: 18/4
WIS: 16/3
CHA: 15/2

HP: 44
Speed: 30
AC: 10 + 4 + 2 = 16
Touch: 10 + 2 = 12
Flat-Foot: 10 + 4 = 14
Initiative: + 2
Base Attack Bonus: + 6/0
Grapple: 10

Fortitude Save: 9
Reflex Save: 4
Will Save: 7

Skill Points: 101 total (28+28+45)

[ ] Appraise: 4 = + 4
[ ] Balance: 2 = + 2
[ ] Bluff: 2 = + 2
[x] Climb: 4 = + 4
[x] Concentration: = + 3
[x] Craft(blacksmithing): 4 = + 4
[x] Craft(weaponsmithing): 4 = + 4
[x] Craft(armorsmithing): 4 = + 4
[x] Decipher Script: 4 = + 4
[x] Diplomacy: 12 = (10) + 2
[ ] Disable Device: 4 = + 4
[ ] Disguise: 2 = + 2
[ ] Escape Artist: 2 = + 2
[ ] Forgery: 4 = + 4
[ ] Gather Information: = + 2
[x] Handle Animal: 2 = + 2
[x] Heal: 13 = (10) + 3
[ ] Hide: 2 = + 2
[x] Intimidate: 15 = (13) + 2
[x] Jump: 4 = + 4
[x] Knowledge (Arcana): 9 = (5) + 4
[x] Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering): 4 = + 4
[x] Knowledge (Dungeoneering): + 4
[x] Knowledge (Geography): 4 = + 4
[x] Knowledge (History): 12 = (8) + 4
[x] Knowledge (Local): 8 = (4) + 4
[x] Knowledge (Nature): 4 = + 4
[x] Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty): 4 = + 4
[x] Knowledge (Planes): 9 = (5) + 4
[x] Knowledge (Psionics): 4 = + 4
[x] Knowledge (Religion): 9 = (5) + 4
[ ] Listen: + 3
[ ] Move Silently: + 2
[ ] Open Lock: + 2
[ ] Perform: 2 = + 2
[ ] Perform: 2 = + 2
[ ] Perform: 2 = + 2
[ ] Profession(miner): 3 = + 3
[x] Ride: 6 = (4) + 2
[x] Search: 10 = (6) + 4
[ ] Sense Motive: 3 = + 3
[ ] Sleight of Hand: 2 = + 2
[x] Spellcraft: 17 = (13) + 4
[ ] Spot: 3 = + 3
[ ] Survival: 3 = + 3
[x] Swim: 9 = (5) + 4
[ ] Tumble: 2 = + 2
[x] Use Magic Device: 15 = (13) + 2
[ ] Use Rope: 2 = + 2

Exordius| +12 | 1d8 + 1d10 electric | 19-20/x2 + 1d10 electric | S |
Shortsword of Wounding| +10 | 1d6 + 1 Con damage | 19-20/x2 | P |


Darksight Eyes
- low light vision, 60 feet

Poison Fangs
- When target is grappled, player can bite target for 1d6 Initial + 1d6 Secondary Constitution damage if target fails to beat DC17 Fort Save

Belt of giant Strength +2
Cloak of Charisma +2
Exordius: +2 Longsword of Shocking Burst, legacy item, (nonlegacy)
Gloves of Dexterity + 2
Headband of Intellect +2
Mithral Shirt
Periapt of Wisdom +2
+2 Shortsword of Wounding

Lock (Amazing) (1 lb.)
Signet Ring
Bag of Holding (15 lb.) (250 lb. Capacity):
-Acid (flask) (1 lb.)
-Amulet of Death’s Calling
-Antitoxin (vial)
-Bedroll (5 lb.)
-Healers Kit (1 lb.)
-Holy Water (flask)
-Ink (1 oz. vial)
-Manacles (MasterWork) (2 lb.)
-Oil, 10 pints (10 lb.)
-Paper, 15 sheets
-Pickaxe (10 lb.)
-Tent (20 lb.)
-Waterskin (4 lb.)

Gold: 551

Current Inventory Weight Total: 32 lbs.
Carrying Capacity:
-Light: 100
-Medium: 101-200
-Heavy: 201-300
-Lift Over Head: 300
-Lift Off Ground: 600
-Pushing: 1500

Special Abilities:

Aberrant Familiar
– Size Increase
– Wings

Elder Secret
– Secret of Mind Flayer: +4 racial bonus on saves against mind-affecting spells and abilities
– Secret of Otyugh: Immunity to disease

Graft Mastery
– Silthilar
– Yuan-Ti
– Undead

Graft Reserve – 1500

Spellcasting – 5th level Cleric
- Level 0: 5
- Level 1: 4+1
- Level 2: 4+1
- Level 3: 3+1
- Level 4: 2+1
- Level 5: 1+1
Turn Undead


Combat Cloak Expert
Combat Expertise
Craft Wondrous Item
Power Attack
Two-Weapon Fighting
Weapon Focus (Exordius/Longsword)




The Obsidian Hold

The Obsidian Hold is located within The Realm of Umbra and is most known for variety of rare ores, valuable wines, and it’s active volcano. The hold is controlled by five major houses: House Revok, House Magnus, House Hircius, House Blackthorn, and House Ysmir.

House Revok, the leading house of the the Hold, is best known for its control over a majority of the mines throughout the hold, the remainder being controlled by House Magnus. The population of House Revok is mostly human, coming from descendants of the Revok Family and allied families who originally founded the mines with the Revok Family, but there is a significant population of Dwarves that live under service and protection of the Revok name for aiding in the mine shafts. The mine shafts owned by House Revok mainly produce Obsidian, although there are a few Mithral and Silver mines within the hold, and in most recent ventures House Revok has started mining directly into the Holds volcano, discovering small amounts of Adamantine. It is rumored that larger deposits may be found deeper within the volcano, but mining has halted on the area due to the Volcano’s recent activity, as well as the ongoing war within the hold. Family Revok, the direct lineage to the founding father of House Revok, currently preside in the Obsidian Citadel, an elaborate fortress made out of the strongest granite and obsidian known within the hold, and reinforced with corundum.

House Magnus is best known for being the hold’s popular school of magic, in the discipline of Psionics. Anyone with the aptitude for Psionics is welcome at the school, but the majority of members of the House are either Synad, Elvish, or Human. House Magnus is the only house that has known mines that aren’t controlled by House Revok, these mines are primarily crystal mines, in the House’s attempt to find deep crystals for Psionic use.

House Hircius is a nomadic house of Orcs and Humans who worship the deity of Hillwere. Little is known about the house, but it is suspected that those who are in a position of power in the house suffer from lycanthropy. Until recently, the Hircius house’s exploits were of little consequence. They kept to themselves in the past and only times few and far between did they take up acts of banditry. But in the last few Decades, Wulf came to power within the House, claiming himself to be an actual champion of Hillwere, who has been sent upon the House to take back the land and restore the balance of nature in the hold, for the good of the hunt. This rise to power is one of the major causes for the current conflict in the hold, known popularly as The Second Great Obsidian War.

House Blackthorn, led by the Blackthorn family and run by Severio Blackthorn, control a size-able amount of land in the hold which is used as a vineyard and farmland, whose unique ashen grapes, berries, and herbs are used in the Blackthorn winery and distillery to make multiple brands of wines, meads, and spirits. The House is majorly comprised of Humans, with a significant group of Halflings who work the fields under the Blackthorn name. Not much else is well known about House Blackthorn to the general public, though it is rumored that beneath the Blackthorn property lays an elaborate under-city that hosts the local Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild, and that there may even be a small population of Drow secretly working for Blackthorn to mine into the Obsidian Volcano.

House Ysmir is the controller of the hold’s popular temple to Kord, and is run by Arch-Priest Devion. The House itself is controlled by a small group of priests and clerics who worship Kord, the temple is open to all who wish to come and worship. Every few years, House Ysmir leads a pilgrimage outside the hold to go pray at the houses of Kord found within the realm of umbra, as well as inspect any tombs of individuals significant to Kord and make sure they are clear of undead, grave-robbers, or necromancers.

Tienus Revok, a Brief History of the Revok Family

House Revok and the Age of Prosperity- For centuries, House Revok had made its fortune and significant control over the Obsidian Hold through its mining of obsidian and stone quarries, but it wasn’t until Hiernymous Revok took control of the house that House Revok finally started to prosper. In an effort to expand mining within the hold, Hieronymous worked with House Magnus, as well as some of his keenest dwarves, to search out rare ores buried deep within the mountains of the hold. Hieronymous’ expansionary measure led to finding rich veins of mithral and silver within the hold, as well a few other veins of various ores. In return for House Magnus’ aid in searching out rare ore veins with House Revok, Hieronymous promised to aid in search of crystal and gem mines for House Magnus, as well as give them sole control over said mines. During this age of prosperity for the house, Hieronymous Revok married his wife Perrania, and throughout the age give birth to five different children; Tienus, Aldis, Silus, Vittoria, and Lyra. Because of their new-found increased wealth and control over the hold, House Revok is given formal control of the hold.

House Hircius, the Rise of Wulf, and Dawn of The Hunt- At the peak of House Revok’s dominance, the nomadic house of House Hircius had a dramatic change in leadership. House Hircius’ best hunter and warrior, Wulf, proclaimed that he was the champion to their god, Hillwere, and said their God had spoken to him and told him that he had been chosen to take back the hold and restore balance of power, in the name of Hillwere and The Hunt. Wulf then challenged the former leader, Skjol, to a duel for supremacy of the house. While it was considered a duel, the reality was a slaughter, and Wulf was named leader after Skjol’s defeat. Wulf’s radical ideas and new tactics, started a systematic conquering of the Obsidian hold. While House Revok remained formal rulership over the Obsidian Hold, in the next five year period they would lose 40% of their territory to House Hircius.

Betrayal in House Revok, Reign of the Bastard Son, and The Obsidian Darkness- With House Hircius’ dominance of the Obsidian Hold, House Revok’s political state was in shambles. At the age of 25, Tienus Revok saw his youngest brother, Silus Revok, age 20 at the time, stage a coup for rule over House Revok. Silus, a bastard child to Hieronymus Revok and an unknown mistress, had slain Hieronymous and Perrania Revok in their sleep with assistance of a swayed regiment within the Revok Guard. Silus claimed that Hieronymous blood had become spoiled, and that their father had grown soft from the years of prosperity. Silus also claimed that under his strong hand, House Revok would not only regain it’s control of the Hold, but gain pure dominance of Obsidian Hold and eventually of the Realm of Umbra. Despite his initial claims and promises however, over the next few years due to Silus’ naivety and lack of experience, House Revok and The Obsidian Hold would be thrown into an age of Darkness known as The Obsidian Darkness. House Hircius in this short time would gain 70% control of Revok territory and over 75% of the hold in total.

Death, Glory, and Unification: The Turning Point in The Second Great Obsidian War- With House Revok almost completely ruined at the green hand of his bastard brother, Tienus and his other brother (from the same mother), secretly call to the other houses at conflict with House Hircius for a unification, to aid in re-taking House Revok and to start pushing back House Hircius. After months of civil war between Tienus and Silus, Tienus and his legion were able to turn a majority of House Revok against Silus’, leaving Silus with the few allied families from his initial coup. In a decisive battle, Tienus’ Legion, along with aid from the other houses, seized the Obsidian Citadel and captured Silus and his remaining partners in command. Silus’ and his men were tried and sentenced to public execution for treason and war crimes against the newly-formed Obsidian Union. After the execution, Tienus decides the only way to restore order within the hold and assure peace within the Obsidian Union, is to seek aid outside the hold. Tienus speaks with Arch-Priest Devion and asks if he can go on the pilgrimage outside of the hold in the name of Kord, to seek guidance and assistance. His brother, Aldis Revok, is left in charge of House Revok for the time being.

The Pilgrimage, Devils, and Exordius- During the five year pilgrimage throughout The Realm of Umbra, the pilgrims of Kord entered a lost tomb of an unknown warrior. Upon entering the tomb, they found many decorative holy marks and remnants, and a magically sealed door. Curiosity driving the pilgrims, they unsealed the door to find a bearded devil who had been trapped within the tomb long ago. The devil, unaware of whomever his captors were, claimed the pilgrims had locked him within the tomb, and immediately attacked them. After a savage battle with the bearded devil, he fled back to The Nine Hells after being severely wounded. Tienus’, who had spent his pilgrimage as a Cleric of Kord, started healing the party’s more serious injuries when something within the room caught his eye. On top of the Sarcophagi in the tomb laid a black sword, upon inspection, his general knowledge led him to believe it may be the Sword Exordius, but he knew very little about it at the time. The pilgrims further explored the tomb when it was safe to and also discovered an alabaster amulet of a gong with a skull motif sculpted on the face, with blackened fine steel chain. After the incident within the tomb, the pilgrims decided it was best to head back to the hold. Tenius told Devion he wished to seek more answers and aid, and split with the pilgrimage to further explore The Realm of Umbra.

Ruins, Flesh, and the Pursuit of Knowledge- During the years of exploration, Tienus went to various holds within the Realm to seek aid. He offered trade of the rare ores and materials in future, for military aid and supplies to help his hold in the ongoing war. Many agreed to terms, while others wished to remain neutral to the war, or simply not deal in foreign affairs. One night, Tienus stumbled into what he thought was an abandoned ruin for shelter. Upon entering, he discovered an old man who seemed to be disfigured and mutated. The old man was cautious, but not hostile, and asked of Tienus’ reasoning to being in the ruin. After talking with the old man, Morian, Tienus discovered the man was not disfigured, but his body had been altered intentionally. Morian, was one of very few individuals who practiced the art of Fleshwarping. Tienus’ curiosity drove himself to learn more about fleshwarping from Morian. Morian began teaching Tienus in the discipline of fleshwarping, expressing that the true search of hidden knowledge can only be found in manipulation of the flesh. Morian teaches Tienus in the art of Silthilar grafting, the most basic of fleshwarping for humans. Morian informs Tienus if he is to further his learning in the discipline, he must seek out other fleshwarpers or races who practice the art of grafting flesh. He tells Tienus there is no major group of fleshwarpers, but there aresmall sects outside of the realm that focus on disciplines. Morian says the more powerful grafts are beholder and draconic, but warns Tienus to seek them out later, as they are found within environments much too dangerous for the common mortal. Morian then tells of a group of outcast Yuan-Ti and an under-city of Undead within the realm who should not be hostile if told of his intentions, and would teach him in their ways of grafting. Tienus spend the next few years learning the practices of Yuan-Ti and Undead grafting, before returning to the Obsidian Hold.

A Time For Action: Return to The Obsidian Hold- After being away from The Obsidian Hold for over 17 years, much had changed. The Obsidian Union had formed and army, known as the Obsidian Legion. Aldis Revok had been successful at driving House Hircius out of most of Revok territory. Tienus sister Vittoria had become the House Revok ambassador to House Magnus, and his other sister had married Severio Blackthorn of House Blackthorn. Tienus was graciously given back control over House Revok and rulership of the Obsidian Union, while his brother Aldis, who had show much prowess and expertise over the years, was made second-in-command of House Revok, and General of the Obsidian Legion. Throughout the past years there has been a steady success and push back of House Hircius, with aid from outside the hold. House Revok was able to regain isolated control over their lost mines, and advancement in the holds armor, magic, and weaponry, is leading for a progressive overall recovery from House Hircius. Despite this though, House Hircius still controls at least half of the physical territory of The Obsidian Hold, and nomadic’s major territory remains inpenetrable, leaving Tienus’ seeking to find a way to finally break their defenses, and take back the hold for good.

Tienus Revok

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