Zook "One Shoe" Ellywik

Ninja 5/ Assassin 5/ Shadowdancer 2: Male Gnome


Alignment: LE
Deity: Vecna
Size: Small
Age: 100
Height: 3’4"
Weight: 45lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald
Skin: Tan

STR 11/-
DEX 17/3
CON 14/2
INT 17/3
WIS 18/4
CHA 10/-

HP: 68
AC: 19=10+3(DEX)1(SIZE)5(DEFL)4(VS. GIANTS)

FORT: 4=2+2
REFL: 15=11+3
WILL: 8/6=2+4+2

+2 vs Poison
+2 vs Illusion
+1 vs Kobold/Goblin

BAB: 7/2

SKILL 16/8
Appraise(INT): 3
Balance(DEX): 12
Bluff(CHA): 0
Climb(STR): 6
Concentration(CON): 2
Craft(INT): Alchemy 5
Craft(INT): 3
Decipher Script(INT): 3
Diplomacy(CHA): 0
Disable Device(DEX): 8
Disguise(CHA): 8
Escape Artist(DEX): 11
Forgery(INT): 3
Gather Information(CHA): 0
Heal(WIS): 4
Hide(DEX): 20
Intimidate(CHA): 0
Jump(STR): 10
Listen(WIS): 20
Perform(dance) 5
Move Silently(DEX): 16
Open Lock(DEX): 9
Ride(DEX): 3
Search(WIS): 17
Sense Motive(WIS): 4
Sleight of hand(DEX): 7
Spot(WIS): 19
Swim(STR): 8
Tumble(DEX): 3
Use Magic Device(CHA): 0
Use Rope(DEX): 7

ATTACK |Short Sword | +10 | 1d4 | 19-20×2| P |
ATTACK | Hand Crossbow | +10 | 1d3 | 19-20×2 |P | 30ft |
ATTACK | Punching Dagger| +11 | 1d3 | x3 | P | Masterwork |
ATTACK | Sai | +10 | 1d3 | x2 | P |
ATTACK | Shuriken | +11 | 1 | x2 | P | 10ft |

Boots of Teleportation | 3/day |

Weapon Finese
Combat Reflexes
Weapon Focus (Shuriken)
Staggering Strike

Ki Power
Sudden Strike +3d6
Ghost Step
Poison Use
Great Leap
Sneak Attack +3d6
Death Attck
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Low-Light Vision
Hide in plain sight

SPELLS/DAY: 1=4, 2=3, 3=2
lvl 1: disguise self, detect poison, feather fall, ghost sound, jump, obscuring mist, sleep, true strike.

lvl 2: alter self, cat’s grace, darkness, fox’s cunning, illusory script, invisibility, pass w/o trace, spider climb, undetectable alignment.

lvl 3: deep slumber, deeper darkness, false life, magic circle vs good, misdirection, non-detection

Short Sword 1/2
Sai 2/1
Shuriken (5) 3/.5
Hand Crossbow 1/2
Bolts (10) 2/1
Punching Dagger 1/1

Bag of Holding I 1/25
Bedroll 1/1
Bottle 3/-
Grappling Hook 1/4
Rope/Silk (50ft) 1/5
Soap 1/1
Waterskin 1/1

Dust of Dissapearing (2d6 rds) 1/-

Total: 25.5lbs

Light: 28.5, Med: 57, Heavy: 86 1/4, LOH: 86 1/4, LOG: 172.5, Push: 431 1/4

Money: 700gp


Zook “One Shoe” Ellywik, from the house of the Ellywik family, has lived a prosperous life. The family has embark on epic quests in the Eastern Kingdoms. One Shoe’s great-grandfather was a strong illusionist, possibly the most powerful in his time. He kept his family house with strong ties to illusion magics and strictly illusions. Although Ellywik house was not the only Gnomish manor in the lands, but Ellywik’s were held high in regards to royal responsibilities. One shoe, himself, is not an illusionist, but he uses illusionary magics that run through his bloodlines to get his chance to train in a temple for martial arts. He has trained for most of his life in said temple. One Shoe has been train in many martial weapons and has the physical capabilities to overcome many obstacles. One Shoe trained under his master, Nixilis. One Shoe’s magical capabilities has made him into a deadly assassin as well as a capable ninja.

One Shoe, at the age of maturity, at 40 years, was banished from his house by his great-grandfather due to his refusal to train and practice his illusionary magics. Instead, One Shoe wanted to use his body and his mind in equal proportions. One Shoe felt as though magic was only as strong as the mind and fighting was only as strong as the body, but if the two had an equal ground then the potential strengths would be significantly higher than any one specialty.

One One Shoe was banished, he took shelter under the look of Nixilis. Nixilis was a vile human. One shoe on got to see him human form, little to be known to him Nixilis was a demon that was sending him in the tracks of Evil for the control of the hells. Nixilis instructed him to kill his father and take his rightfully deserved place as the head of his house. Worshiping Vecna, as did his Nixilis, his prayers were answered with confirmation. One Shoe replied with the blood of his father and every ancestor higher than he. One his place on the throne of Ellywik manor, he opened trading with other neighboring kingdoms.

Ellywik family under Zook “One Shoe” Ellywik, were traders of drugs that were dangerous and illegal on all the lands. Ellywik’s would use their illusionary magics they trained to perfect to alter the perception of the drugs to appear to be anything except contraband. Ellywik manor prospered in this, making the demons grow stronger in hell and in One shoe.

Zook "One Shoe" Ellywik

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